User Instruction and Warning Information

Warning :Working at height is a very dangerous activity which may lead to severe injury or fatality.  We advise that you personally assume the responsibility to learn the use and the safety measures that apply to this equipment.  Remember that there is no better ''instruction'' than that of a trained instructor.  Train in the use of this tool, verify that you have fully understood how it works and if in any doubt, please asking competent person!


The karabiner is essential for your safety so we recommend that you :

*assign it to an individual user whenever possible:
*check it before each use, in particular for:

  • Deformations
  • Signs of wear
  • Correct locking system operation.

If you are in any doubt whatsoever about the safe condition of this product of if the connector has been used to arrest a fall, it is essential for safety that it is withdrawn from use and returned to the manufacturer or competent repair center for servicing and retest.

Ensure that the instructions for other components used in conjunction with this products are complied with as stated by the EC directive 89/686/EEC (personal protective equipment).

The anchorage point should be above the user, considering both the height of fall and the extension of the rope in order to avoid possible obstructions (i.e.the ground).  Be sure that the anchorage point strenght is over 10 KN ( but always over the applied load.).  Ass Yoke connectors have a greater strength ( on each connector is clearly marked the maximum load).


Cleaning : If soiled, rinse in clean water of domestic supply quality ( maximum temperature 40¢XC ) with mild neutral detergent.  Dry naturally away from direct heat.

Lubrication : Lubricate mobile parts where shown with a silicone based lubricant only.  This should be carried out after cleaning and drying.  Avoid any oil contact with textile parts.

Storage : After any necessary cleaning, drying and lubrication, store unpacked in a cool, dry, dark place in a chemically neutral environment away from excessive hear or heat sources, high humidity, sharp edges, corrosives or other possible causes of damage.  Do not store wet. Avoid U.V. radiation, and salt environments.

Obsolescence : It is very difficult to estimate this due to local use and storage conditions but a conservative estimate would be 5 years.  However, the following may reduce the strength greatly and the lifespan to as little as one use: incorrect use, severe fall arrest, mechanical deformation, fall from a height on the connector, general wear and tear, gate malfunction, chemical contamination, heat contamination.        ic04.gif (79 bytes)next

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