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- A REPORT in the Economy Daily on October. 31, 2002.

< First   class  products   come   from  sophisticated  manufacturing  technology, strict  quality management and incessant R&D renovations > The concept of Mr. Steven Hong, the President of Yoke Industrial Corp. To sustain development of the enterprise he emphasized that [Only perfect quality can create safe working environments]. This is his enterprise mission and it is also the prime mover for the sustained and stabilized growth of Yoke Industrial Corp. in the past 18 years.

Yoke Industrial Corp., which engages in professional manufacture of safe sling hooks used for industries, was founded in 1985. It is known in the industry as a company devoted to development and research as well as renovated technology. In response to government policy for the enterprises rooted in Taiwan in the year 1996, Yoke Industrial Corp. aggressively promoted production upgrading, enhanced manufacturing technique and quality and spared no effort in strengthening R&D and design to enable its own brand YOKE to have the best sales in the world. Yoke Industrial Corp. also established 70 distributors worldwide. Yoke's quality and technique has won international award. This time, its multi-purpose sling hook product has also won the prize for innovation and research at the 9th session of medium enterprise and the fifth session of the small giant prize respectively. This is indeed more recognition for Yoke's new spirit and R&D capability.

[Quality and Safety] has been the unchanging demand and insistence of Yoke Industrial Corp. and also enabled it to take the leading position in the lifting sling and hook sector in such a short period of time. Regarding product quality, Yoke Industrial Corp. has adopted the manufacturing process from development, mold making, forging, processing, and heat treatment for continual operation. From incoming material to end product testing, Yoke Industrial Corp. owns its complete QA system. In addition to acquiring ISO9001 certification and CNLA <Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation>certification, Yoke has also received several certifications awarded, including H91 stamp approved by a German BG company, ABS Type Approval, CSA Z259.1 Type Approval, DNV Type Approval, SABS and ARAMCO certification.

Facing the hard worldwide competition, with multifunctional and modulated innovation products,
R&D plans guidelines for Yoke to enhance product competitiveness and add high values to its products, Last year, Yoke's successful presentation on its high alloy steel shackles has been showing concrete performance and achievement. At present, through its dealers all over the world, Yoke has a 10% occupation rate in the international market. In the future, Yoke will have an omni-directional product system as its target for R&D.

Mr. Steven Hong, the President of Yoke Industrial Corp., considers that manufacture of the most safe sling hooks can enhance the safety in industries; it is the mission and task of Yoke enterprise. Actually, what the said company manufactures is not only sling hooks, what Yoke operates the intangible product of- [Safety].

( Source : Economy News 10/31/2002 )

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