Shackle Usage Recommendations & Warnings :
  1. Never exceed specified Working Load Limit.
  2. Shackles application :
    Screw pin type shackles are designed for temporarily usage.  For long term and frequent loading, YOKE Bolt Type Shackles are recommended.
  3. Side Loading of Shackles :
    Side loading will result in damage of screw pin/bolt pin or bow body, this will easily deform the body of hook and shackle strengthness.
Angle of Side Load Loss of WLL
In Line None
45 Degree 30% loss
90 Degree 50% loss
  1. Point Loading of Shackles :
    Point loading of YOKE shackles, Bow and Bow Shackles or Bow and Pin Shackles are acceptable.
    Never point loading a Pin and Pin, as this will reduce its safety factor in usage.
  2. Shackle Orientation :
    YOKE shackles are allowed to use in single sling leg.  Make sure that the shackles are placed properly, not allow for sloppy rigging.

Limitation on Use

  1. YOKE Shackles should not be used in acid or caustic solutions nor in heavily acidic or caustic laden atmospheres.  The high tensile strength of the feat treated alloy material in shackles is susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement when exposed to acids.
  2. YOKE Shackles must not be heat-treated, galvanized, welded, or subject to any process involving heating or picking.  Each of these processes can have dangerous effects and will invalidate the manufacturers certificated.
  3. YOKE Shackles may be used at temperatures between -40˘XC to 200˘XC(-40˘XF to 392˘XF) with no reduction in the working load limit.
  4. In any event of below circumstances occur, please remove hardwares from service:
    a. Wear  b. Deformation  c. Pin cannot be connected tightly with body  d. Crack   e. YOKE Shackle without YOKE logo
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